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Suppose you have designed a beautiful cupboard or cupboard wall in the configurator. When ordering or requesting a quote, you can choose between self-assembly or our assembly service .


Moduloo cabinets are supplied ‘flat pack’ as a kit. The mounting of a Moduloo cabinet is easy. If you are going to assemble the cabinet yourself, you will not need nails, screws or glue. A wooden hammer and screwdriver is sufficient. Moduloo cabinets are always supplied with a clear installation manual.

Would you like to know how easy it is to install?


Moduluo has a

mounting service

Suppose you have designed a beautiful cupboard or cupboard wall in the configurator. But then?

Assembling a Moduloo cabinet yourself is easy, but we can imagine that you don’t feel like it, or don’t have the time, or you have ‘two left hands’.

Then it is certainly nice to know that we also have our own installation service.

Our assembly team will be happy to come to your location to assemble your Moduloo cabinet or wall unit. You don’t have to worry about it, that gives a good feeling.

You can see the costs for the assembly of your design in the order or quotation screen. If you check the installation service, you will see the amount stated. Then make your choice whether you want to order including installation. You can always give us a call if you have any questions about this.


loose parts

Are you looking for parts for your cabinet(s)?

Do you already have a Moduloo cabinet or a similar brand and do you want to adjust it?
Adjusting or expanding can be done very easily. You can turn your ‘old’ cupboard into a very beautiful and modern piece of furniture.
Moduloo supplies all parts separately. Doors, planks, profiles and battens, etc. The Moduloo drawer system is also easy to add to existing cabinets. Also take a look at other options.

Moduloo parts are compatible with brands of the same system.

Loose parts have no additional costs

Due to the large amount of sizes, colors and materials, it is best to call or email us. We often quickly know what you mean. That way you don’t run any risk and you get the right part.
Do you have a question about individual parts?

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