Moduloo, a modular cabinet system that has had a sustainable character since the early 1960s , now also defines wherein this sustainability lies.

Innovation Media in conversation with Lieve van Walraven

Together with her father Lodewijk, owners and founders of Moduloo. It is clear to see that sustainability has long been in the DNA of this modular cabinet system.

Wide choice by designing yourself

With the Moduloo configurator you can easily design your own unique cabinet.
This way you will always be successful in your search for the most suitable cabinet for your purpose.


Due to the strong construction of the clamping system and the accuracy of the sawn parts, a Modulookast will last a lifetime.

High carrying capacity

The load capacity per compartment is 80 kg. This means that you can fill the cupboard compartments with heavy books. The plateau of a section is secured in the framework of beechwood slats, an extremely strong construction clamped between the corner profiles.


Moduloo uses certified wood. All materials, including the ‘Frost’ Perspex, are recyclable. This saves the environment.

Easy to assemble yourself

Moduloo is supplied as a kit. The assembly of a Modulookast is easy. If you are going to assemble the cabinet yourself, you don’t need much. A wooden hammer and screwdriver will suffice. Moduloo cabinets are always supplied with clear installation instructions.

Assembly service

Our assembly team will be happy to come to you to assemble your cabinet. You can see the costs of this in the total amount in the order or quotation screen. Just tick and you will see the amount.



Moduloo is particularly flexible due to the wide range of colors and sizes that can be combined with each other. Due to the option of changing panels, a Moduloo cabinet can always be adapted to the environment of the cabinet when it is moved.

Fast delivery time

The delivery time of a Modulookast is not long. Depending on the type of cabinet, the delivery time is on average six weeks.

Order and pay

You can pay for an order with iDeal, credit card or Paypal.
Payment is also possible. The processing of your order starts after receipt of the (down) payment.



Order or first quote

In the configurator you can choose: Order directly or first a quote without obligation. We always check orders carefully and we will contact you as soon as possible with a quote.

Free delivery

For orders from € 1000,-. we do not charge delivery costs. Moduloo usually delivers to your home within six weeks. Moduloo has its own delivery service.
We will contact you to arrange the date and time.

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