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On our website we try to make it clear as much as possible about the possibilities and ease of use of Moduloo. We can imagine that you still have more questions. We try to answer a number of varegn here, but of course you can always email or call us if you want to know something about Moduloo or our service.


What is your budget for the closet?

Determine your budget first, so you won’t be faced with surprises. A Modulookast is a sustainable product and lasts a lifetime. Make sure you can easily get parts and don’t have to replace your entire cabinet. All parts of a Modulookast are therefore available separately.

Where will the cupboard be located?

Measure the space, pay attention to what height you can go and what you can easily reach. Moduloo has a wide choice of sizes.

What will be the function of the cabinet?

Determine the function of the cabinet. Storage means sliding doors, Decorative is low, wide and colorful, a combination is, for example, a half-open bookcase. Moduloo supplies cabinets for all functions.

What will the style of the closet be?

First, look at the style of your interior. Take a picture of it and keep it handy when you look at cabinets. This way you can easily determine whether the cabinet matches your interior.
In your life you sometimes change style and location, the advantage of a Modulookast is that it has a timeless character, suits every style and can be adjusted effortlessly by changing the panels, for example.

Another question?

Please get in touch with us.

Where can I view Moduloo cabinets?

Moduloo is a product available online. You can easily put together and order Moduloo cabinets with the configurator, or make a choice from the web store.

The Moduloo office is located on the Oudegracht at wharf 220, 3511NS in Utrecht.
We have a small showroom where we can show you all possible applications and are happy to help you make a choice.
Moduloo has no fixed opening hours.
Would you like to come by? Then make an appointment.

Don’t live near Utrecht? there are a few shops that can show you Moduloo. Do you want to know where? Then inquire.

Phone. 030 – 737 05 20

Is the manual online?

You can also find the manual online. Click on the link below.

Mounting instruction Moduloo cabinets and options

Is Moduloo compatible with other brands?

The dimensions of other brands are such that parts of Moduloo are compatible, such as slats, doors and sides, shelves and drawers. Do you have a question about this? Send us an email or give us a call 030 737 05 20

What are the shipping costs?

When you purchase a Modulookast, we deliver it to your home for free.

Can I also have the cabinet installed?

It is possible to have your Modulookast installed. The moment you place the order or request a quote from a Modulookast, you can check the mounting option in the order screen. You immediately see the price of mounting. If you would like to make use of our assembly service, we will contact you and your Modulookast will be assembled quickly and expertly by a Moduloo technician.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time of a Modulookast is not long. Depending on the type of cabinet, the delivery time is around six weeks. For more information you can always call us. 030 737 05 20

Can all parts be ordered separately?

You can order each part of a Modulookast separately or add it later.

Can I easily add drawers and intermediate shelves later?

In an already assembled cupboard you can easily add drawers and intermediate shelves later without dismantling the cupboard.

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