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There are many types, sizes and shapes when it comes to a high cabinet. At Moduloo you can make the cabinet as high as you want.


high cabinet

A high cabinet has a beautiful effect in your room. For example as a bookcase to emphasize the height of the room. Tall cabinets are also widely used in the kitchen. You can put a lot of stuff in there. In the bedroom people more often opt for a closed high cupboard, while in the office they opt for an open high cupboard.

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Many thanks again for the prompt and caring service. The toy closet now stands like a house and the kids can grab toys and (to a lesser extent) clean up to their heart's content, without the risk of collapse.

Moduloo now evokes in us even more a feeling of genuine customer care and quality. Keep up the good work!


After a long search for a bookcase, we luckily found Moduloo on the internet. We have chosen 3 column cabinets, 2 of 40 cm wide and a middle cabinet of 90 cm wide. The whole thing was delivered neatly and at the agreed time by a nice driver. The outer column cabinets are black and for the intermediate cabinet we chose white, beautiful to look at and also fun to put together! We are really happy that we chose Moduloo.


Thank you very much for delivering the cabinets we ordered, nice that this could be done through our neighbors despite our absence. I transferred the outstanding amount to you this afternoon. We assembled the cabinets this afternoon and I can say that they meet our expectations, assembly is easy and the whole thing feels solid.


Hereby I want to thank you very much for the super service around ordering the photo doors. They turned out beautifully!


Our compliments on this great quality product and your good advice!!!


How happy we are with your fantastic service! My sister was moving and had a lot of Modulook cabinets that needed to be shortened for the new house....

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