Moduloo the modular

furniture system

The modular system was designed in the early 1960s by an English engineer. After being offered on the English market for a while, various suppliers, including Moduloo, have since been issued by issuing licenses.

Moduloo is a particularly sophisticated clamping system that can be easily assembled without the use of screws or glue. The sturdy frame of a Modulookast consists of corner profiles and wooden slats which are fastened together with an ingenious clamp connection. Modular means that several individual compartments that can be influenced together form one cupboard.


timeless design

This timeless modular system was developed in the 1960s and initially produced in England. But as you can see in the picture from long ago also in South America. For a long time, this system was supplied in Europe in the basic version of steel and hardboard. Moduloo has taken up this system and, by innovating, adapted it to the current time. This has made it a more complete product and the system can be used in any room. Moduloo is suitable for at home, but in the Netherlands schools, institutions and companies have also equipped themselves with Moduloo.

the system explained

A modular cabinet consists of various parts and materials. That seems complicated, but it isn’t. Everything is sawn or milled down to a fraction of a millimeter.

The sturdiness is therefore guaranteed. A framework in which sheet materials are placed. These vertical sheet materials are 3mm thick. That is enough because they have no forces to endure. Planks are 6 mm thick and beech boards 18 mm. These are located in the framework of beech slats. Sturdy enough to support up to 80 kg. All Moduloo components are available separately.

angle profile

Galvanized Steel Angle Profile


Cross slats made of solid beech wood

sliding doors

Sliding doors of basic MDF, MDF sprayed in color or Frost Perspex in color (wide choice of colours)

side and back panels

side panels and back panels of basic MDF, MDF sprayed in color or Frost Perspex in color (wide choice of colours)


Solid beech wood spacers

bottom plate

For each compartment a base plate of 7 mm basic MDF, white MDF, solid beech wood (18 mm) or safety glass for showcases.


As true creative furniture pioneers, we love to innovate and are always looking for even more possibilities in terms of color combinations, materials and coming up with solutions. From time to time new ideas and designs are added, sometimes conceived by us, but also often by tips from users. Innovating certainly does not stop there, in the near future we will come up with even more news in the field of this handy cupboard system.

Image: Page from furniture magazine published in England in the early 1970s.


Moduloo is of a durable quality. Solid beech wood, galvanized steel and sturdy sheet materials. Moduloo meets all safety requirements.
Moduloo has its own paint spraying shop.

environmentally aware

Moduloo thinks green and is environmentally aware. All Moduloo parts, including the plastic Perspex, are recyclable. The wood comes from responsible forests and is certified.

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